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Oxygen Facials

oxygen facials

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Garden City Laser attributes our clients for our successes for the past seven years.  When clients tell us they want something, we listen.

Many celebrities are utilizing the Oxygen Facial treatment application for thier Red Carpet complexions.  Our clients are our celebrities and we want them to look thier best at all times.

In conducting our research we selected a model in her late forties with a good complexion but slight signs of aging and fatigue.  To document the treatment we took before and after photos.  We started by treating half of her face and left the other half untreated.  The difference was remarkable.  But would the same results be visible in someone younger or much older.

So we selected two other models.  One in her early twenties and the other in her seventies.  Once again the results were immediate and remarkable.

It has now become a hit with our clients.  Ready or not…Red Carpet…here we come.

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