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My clients had been inquiring about HydraFacials for months, for months I kept telling them that I had not heard of the treatment nor did I have any plans to introduce it into my business.   Then one day walks in one of my most influencial clients.  She holds nothing back and tells it like it is.  She strongly suggested I look into this as it is very effective and very popular.

Later that day, her words continued to ring in my head, yes, she is THAT loud :-).  So the following week I started asking other clients, friends and family if they had heard of the treatment.  Apparently I live under a rock…I was the only one who had not.

Naturally I was now intrigued and booked myself in for a demo session.  It wasn’t until I arrived at the location that I realized the demonstrater had planned on giving me a HydraFacial MD treatment.

I have very sensitive skin and NEVER experiment with products or treatments NEVER.  I just never know how my skin is going to react and how long that reaction will last, and it almost always reacts.

The demonstrator said if I didn’t try it how will I know how it works.  She promised that I would not react.  I insisted that she did not know my skin.

I reluctantly agreed to the treatment and sat in her chair with a death grip on the arm rests.  And so began my very first HydraFacial MD treatment.

First she cleaned my face.  Then she went over my face with twice to exfoliate.  This felt kind of nice, the death grip was loosening up.

Next she applied an acid peel, this caused some tingling in my skin. Death grip was back.

The extraction was next, following which my problem areas were treated with a specialty treatment for extra care.

Finally my skin was bathed in moisturizers.

I wanted to touch my face to see how bumpy it had become because I was so very sure there was no way I would have gotten out of that without any scars.

I released the death grip, totally embarrassed.  The Demostrator asked how I felt, I told her I felt great.  I could hardly wait to get in front of a mirror to see how bad the damage was.

I thanked her for the demo and left.  As I was walking down the hallway I could see my reflection in the glass covering the artwork, I stopped to take a look.  I really couldn’t see any reaction on my skin, but I wasn’t actually looking in a mirror.  I stepped into the elevator, wouldn’t you know it…the entire inside was a mirror!  I looked at my face, not a single sign of any sort of reaction.  In fact, my skin looked really good!

As soon as I got into my car I took a few selfies from different angles, for research purposes of course.  The true test would be how people who know me and see me everyday would react.

My first stop, the produce market.  I’m here at least a couple of times a week.  I walked in did my usual greets to the familiar faces and continued with my shopping.

Is it my imagination or are people staring at me, maybe I have something stuck in my teeth or may…oh no…I quickly took a tissue out of my bag and gave my nose a qucik wipe.  I just hightailed it to the checkout counter and got out of there.

Next stop, the homefront.  The first person I run into is my son.  If you are a parent you already know this, no one can be more brutally honest than your kids.  The first thing he said to me was “what happened to your face”.   I knew it!  I did have a reaction…it was just delayed.  I ran to my washroom to look in the mirror.  Nothing.  I still looked good.  I asked my son what was wrong with my skin and he said it was glowy…”you look good MoM”.  Wow…he couldn’t start with that?

Next test…my gym buddies.  For the first time in all the years I have been going to the gym I was asked by multiple people what product I used for my skin.

That’s all the feedback I needed.

Garden City Laser Welcomes HYDRFACIAL MD





Oxygen Facials

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Garden City Laser attributes our clients for our successes for the past seven years.  When clients tell us they want something, we listen.

Many celebrities are utilizing the Oxygen Facial treatment application for thier Red Carpet complexions.  Our clients are our celebrities and we want them to look thier best at all times.

In conducting our research we selected a model in her late forties with a good complexion but slight signs of aging and fatigue.  To document the treatment we took before and after photos.  We started by treating half of her face and left the other half untreated.  The difference was remarkable.  But would the same results be visible in someone younger or much older.

So we selected two other models.  One in her early twenties and the other in her seventies.  Once again the results were immediate and remarkable.

It has now become a hit with our clients.  Ready or not…Red Carpet…here we come.




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